Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Fayetteville, AR

Dog and Cat Vaccinations in Fayetteville, AR

At Best Friends Animal Hospital in Fayetteville, we recognize that dog and cat vaccinations are necessary to prevent your pet from developing dangerous diseases. We follow strict protocols based on your pet’s individual needs and risk factors. While cats and dogs need vaccines throughout their lives to maintain immunity, our goal is to give them only the vaccines they truly require to avoid overvaccination. Please feel free to contact us at (479) 251-8387 to make an appointment or do so online.

Vaccinations We Offer in Fayetteville for Dogs and Cats

Dog and cat vaccinations are divided into two categories: core and noncore. Core are those that we recommend for every pet, regardless of their lifestyle. Noncore, on the other hand, are only needed based on your pet’s lifestyle and level of risk. For both core and noncore, we use the highest-quality vaccines for cats and dogs that provide the best protection in the safest way.

Dog Vaccinations:

Cat Vaccinations:

Dog Vaccinations in Fayetteville, AR
Cat Vaccinations in Fayetteville, AR

High-Quality Pet Vaccines: Preventing Reactions & Overvaccination

Our vaccines are selected for their effectiveness and reduced risk of reaction. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine possible, and vaccines are no different. Cats especially can be sensitive to vaccines, particularly the adjuvants (chemicals that help to further stimulate the immune system) sometimes added to vaccines. To minimize reaction risks, all of our cat vaccines are non-adjuvanted and proven to be the safest in the industry.

Additionally, we follow strict vaccination protocols outlined by the AAHA and AAFP to reduce the risk of overvaccination. We only provide your pet with the vaccines they need, when they need them. Trust the experts at Best Friends Animal Hospital for your dog and cat's vaccination needs! Make an appointment online or give us a call at (479) 251-8387.