Luxurious Cat and Dog Boarding in Fayetteville, AR

At Best Friends Animal Hospital and Pet Hotel, we offer cat and dog boarding for the pets of Fayetteville, AR in a spacious, quiet, and clean place to stay while their owners are away. During your cat or dog's boarding stay with us, our devoted hotel staff maintains their accommodations and shows them all the attention they need. When you choose to leave your pet with us, you can be sure that they’ll receive the highest level of care. Call us today at (479) 251-8387 to book a stay for your pet today!

Dog Boarding in Fayetteville, AR

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Cat Boarding in Fayetteville, AR: Dog boarding suite
Cat and Dog Boarding in Fayetteville, AR: Outdoor area for dog boarding
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Cat and Dog Boarding Accommodations and Prices in Fayetteville

At our Pet Hotel in Fayetteville, we offer cat and dog boarding. Pets are kept in separate areas, in spacious, pet-friendly accommodations. Below is the price list for all our different accommodation options. Each price reflects the cost per day.

  • Luxury Suite (6’ x 6’ luxury run; two adjoining suites are available) - $30
  • Deluxe Suite (4’ x 6’ run) - $27
  • Mini Suite (3’ x 6’ run) - $26
  • Additional pet in suite - $15
  • X-Large Kennel (48” x 30”) - $23
  • Large Kennel (30” x 30”) - $22
  • Medium Kennel (24” x 30”) - $20
  • Small Kennel (24” x 24”) - $17
  • Additional pet in kennel - $15
  • Cat Condo (24" x 30"; in order to reduce stress, this condo is in a separate and quiet area of the hospital) - $20

The price listed above covers all of their basic accommodations including:

  • Food and water
  • Bathroom breaks 4x per day between 6am and 9pm
  • Attention from kennel staff and veterinarian supervision
  • Time outside for exercise on a rotating basis and weather permitting

We allow you to bring your pet's own food, or we will provide them with a low-residue diet. Additionally, please feel free to bring some of their belongings such as bedding, toys, and food and water bowls to make them feel more at home.

Please remember that check-out time from our Pet Hotel is at 1:00pm Monday-Saturday. If you do not pick up your pet before 1:00pm, you will be charged an extra day of boarding. Keep in mind that we also have boarding pick-up hours from 5:00-6:00pm on Sundays that you can take advantage of.

Additional Cat and Dog Boarding Services Provided

For an extra cost, we are happy to provide additional cat and dog boarding services for your pet during their stay. Our additional services include:

  • Daily enrichment (including extra attention and exercise) - $7 for each 15-minute session
  • Noon treats and attention (5 min) - $3 each day
  • Medication administration - $2 per administration
  • Grooming including professional cuts, bath and brush, nail trims, ear cleaning and more – please ask for a quote.

While your pet is staying at our Pet Hotel in Fayetteville, we are also happy to administer any veterinary services needed including wellness exams, vaccinations, dental cleanings, spay/neuter surgeries, microchip implant, diagnostics, and more. These costs will be added on to your Pet Hotel bill. Please contact us for more information about our cat and dog boarding by calling us at (479) 251-8387.