We are here for every stage of your pet's life, especially through the tough ones. The final stages of a pet's life can bring along both difficult and emotional decisions. We understand that euthanasia isn't an easy decision to come to, and while it is a personal decision, it shouldn't be a solitary one. Our doctor's are here to assist in assessing your beloved pet's quality of life. To help monitor your pet's good and bad days, feel free to download the application, Grey Muzzle to your phone.

We understand this is a sensitive time, so we are allowing a pre-approved limited number of people in the building for euthanasia's. We have the option to prepare your pet's body in an eco-friendly Euthabag, allowing for an at home burial for your pet. There is also a private cremation option, in which your pet's ashes are returned to you in a cedar wooden box with a plaque. Lastly, the crematory we partner with, Sunset Pet Crematory service, allows for communal cremation - spreading pet's ashes among a garden located on their property in Huntsville.


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