Meet Your Pet's Veterinary Staff

The staff at Best Friends Animal Hospital are a dynamic, talented group of animal lovers who always come together to meet your pet’s individual needs. Their goal is to serve you and your pet with the best veterinary medicine and the highest-quality client service. Learn more about our fantastic team below, and make an appointment soon to meet us all in person!

Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville: Theadra

Theadra, Practice Manager

Theadra has worked at Best Friends since the beginning of 2013. She handles much of the administrative work, as well as ordering products, but her extensive experience means she is capable of working any position in the hospital.

At home, she has a son named Oliver with her partner, Ian Reynolds, who also worked with us for three years. She also has a beloved dog, Batman, who is a Lab and Collie mix; a Chiweenie named Snuggles; and a chocolate Lab named Riley. Theadra’s fur family also includes three cats, Link, Buddha, and Gremlin. A fun fact is she is a cousin to Dr. Mandi Shearhart.

Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville: Jessie

Jessie, Front Office Manager

Jessie joined Best Friends in June 2015. She started here as a kennel technician, and she started training in reception soon after. She is now our Front Office Manager and takes care of most needs regarding our front office.

At home, she has three dogs and two cats including a female Boxer mix, Swayzi; a female Cattle Dog mix, Fay; a female Teacup Yorkie, Janis; a Domestic Shorthair female, Stevie, and the only male in the house, Hagrid, a Domestic Longhair cat. Jessie regularly does house/pet sitting and dog walking in her spare time away from the clinic.

Kristen: Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville

Kristen, Head Technician

Kristen has worked at Best Friends since May of 2012. She is one of our head veterinary technicians who worked her way up from the kennels. She can do it all!

Kristen lives in Fayetteville with multiple kids and cats.

Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville: Chloe

Chloe, Head Technician

Chloe started at Best Friends during the summer of 2016 and has aspirations to become a certified veterinary technician. She lives in Fayetteville with her five cats named Norman, Ein, Penelope, Crystal, and Magenta, her rabbit, Dessa, and snake, Oksana.

Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville: Becca

Becca, Technician

Becca has worked at Best Friends since June 2012 as a veterinary technician. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and also has a great job at WalMart. We are so proud of her! She now only works with us once a week.

At home, she has five dogs: a Bull Terrier mix named Ozzy; an Australian Shepherd named Dixie; a three-legged Chihuahua named Ranger; a long-haired Dachshund mix named Wylie; and a Terrier mix named Louann. She also has a Siamese mix named Hunter and a Maine Coon mix named Hayes. In her free time, Becca trains dogs with behavioral problems.

Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville: Callie

Callie, Technician

Callie’s love affair for animals started as a young child and continues to this day. Callie started at Best Friends in March 2017. She has a passion for senior dogs and spent three years working for the Fayetteville Animal Services.

Callie has three dogs at home named Birdie, Daphne, and Nugget, and they all came from local shelters.

Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville: Emily

Emily, Technician/ Receptionist

Emily is a versatile employee, able to work any position in the hospital, but primarily works as a receptionist or technician. She graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2018 with a degree in animal science.

Emily has three dogs: Bentley, Belle, and Bruiser, and one cat, Teeto.

Carlie: Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville

Carlie, Technician/ Receptionist

Bio coming soon!

Bailey: Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville

Bailey, Receptionist/ Technician

Bio Coming Soon.

Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville: Jacki

Jacki, Groomer

Jacki was born in Maryland but lived in Hattiesburg, MS for the majority of her life. She just moved to Fayetteville in April of 2018 and already loves it here! She has been grooming for over four years. She has a long-haired dachshund named Stormie (pictured) and a short-haired domestic cat named Kelso.

Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville: Jessica

Jessica, Technician/ Kennel

Jessica started working at Best Friends as a kennel technician in August of 2018, but she started cross training to be a veterinary technician soon after. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with an animal science degree in 2018. Jessica has one dog named Banshee and a rabbit named Nestle.

Kennel Staff

Emily S: Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville

Emily S.

Emily started working at Best Friends as a kennel technician in November of 2018, and she is currently cross training as a veterinary technician. She is a sophomore student at the University of Arkansas majoring in Animal Science with a focus on pre-veterinary medicine, and a minor in Agricultural Business. She aspires to be a small animal veterinarian in the future. She has a 5-month-old cattle dog mix named Layla (pictured on the right).

Cailey: Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville


Cailey started working at Best Friends in January of 2019. She is currently a freshman at the University of Arkansas studying animal science with a pre-veterinary concentration. She has two dogs (a Labrador named Elmer and a Jack Russel named George) and two cats (a Manx named Marvin and a calico named Lily).

Emma: Veterinary Staff in Fayettville


Emma started working at Best Friends as a kennel technician in January 2019 and had previously worked as a kennel manager in Dallas, TX for a year and a half. She is currently studying animal science at the University of Arkansas and hopes to attend veterinary school after graduation in 2020. She has three dogs: Magic, Sandi, and Reba.

Shy-Anne: Veterinary Staff in Fayetteville


Shy-Anne has worked as a kennel technician since May 2019.   She moved here from Canada five years ago.  She is just finishing high school and has five dogs at home: Jimmy, Callie, Domo, Liam, and Kona!