COVID-19 Updates for Our Pet Parents in Fayetteville

Dear Pet Parents,

At Best Friends Animal Hospital our top priority is always the safety and well-being of not only our patients, but our clients, and staff as well. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves, we want to reassure you that Best Friends will continue to stay open during our normal business hours and will be here for you and your pets. However, we will be providing services, appointments, and procedures in a slightly different way. Staring March 24th, our lobby will be closed to the public and we will be utilizing car side services.

We are closely keeping up with the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and our local authorities regarding the virus to ensure that we do our part in containing the spread of the virus by taking appropriate precautions to keep your pet, family, and our team members safe and healthy.

In order to limit our client’s to potential exposure of the virus, we have decided to close our lobby to the public. In doing so, we hope the elimination of constant contact with things such as doorknobs and pens, and by practicing social distancing, we are able to continue to safely serve and be here for our community.

We kindly ask that if you or anyone that you have been in contact with is experiencing/has experienced any flu-like symptoms or fever, please do not come to our clinic - we will be happy to reschedule your appointment at a safer time. Give us a call at (479) 251-8387 to reschedule your appointment. Also, don’t forget about our online store in which products are shipped directly to your home!

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Appointments and services will be conducted with limited contact via car side services. Please follow these steps:

  1. Schedule your appointment in advance via phone, website, or VitusVet App
  2. Upon arrival for your appointment, please park in front of an animal sign (dog, cat, parrot, lion, or elephant)
  3. Remain in your vehicle and call the clinic to check-in.
  4. Over the phone, a staff member will go over the details of your appointment, and any questions/concerns you may have.
  5. A team member will come out to your car to bring your pet into the clinic to begin the appointment.
  6. Our doctor(s) will give you a call and/or video chat with you regarding your pet's  exam and will discuss any and all concerns and answer questions with you at that time.
  7. A staff member will then bring your pet back to your vehicle, along with the invoice from your pet's visit, and will take your payment into the building to be processed and bring you back out your payment method and receipt.

or call us at (479) 251-8387.


Drop Off Visits

In addition to scheduling appointment times, we are continuing to schedule drop off visits as well. Following the same protocol, give us a call when you pull in, and we will have a nurse check your pet into the hospital and go over any and all concerns that you may have. The inpatient doctor that day will examine your pet and will contact you with their findings and potential treatment options, and will be in contact with you when your pet is ready for pick up! Give us a call when you get here for pick up, as we will follow the same protocols for check out as we would for regular appointments.

Medication, Food, & Retail

We kindly ask that any items from in the clinic you are needing be called in beforehand. This allows us the opportunity to make sure we have the item(s) in stock for you, and we be sure to have items ready for pick-up for when you arrive! Just give us a call when you pull into a parking spot and we will run your items to your car, and take your payment for the items then.


After services are completed, or once items are ran out to your car, we can take your credit card over the phone, or take your payment into the building to be processed. If paying with credit/debit/care credit, we will run your card and return it to you sanitized. We are also still accepting cash, and checks – which does require a copy of your driver’s license on file.

Your Pet & COVID-19

We continue to stay up to date as more information is found regarding the coronavirus. Currently, there is no evidence supporting that household pets can become sick from COVID-19. Many infectious disease experts including the CDC, World Health Organization, and World Health Organization for Animal Health have found that there is no evidence to suggest that dogs or cats can be a carrier of SARS-CoV-2, including spreading COID-19 to humans. Please follow us on Facebook, where we will continue to update you with the latest information as it is released!

To inquire further, and stay up to date on the latest, feel free to visit these websites from the CDC and AVMA for more information:

We appreciate your support, understanding, and patience through this time. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (479) 251-8387 with any questions and/or concerns.

cat with face mask