Your Cat Friendly Practice in Fayetteville, AR

As a cat owner, you know that cats are certainly nothing like small dogs; they require a unique veterinary experience to meet all their needs. At Best Friends Animal Hospital and Pet Hotel, we couldn’t agree more! We became certified with the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) as a Cat Friendly Practice so that we could better meet the needs of our feline friends and their owners.

What It Means to Be a Cat Friendly Practice

The AAFP evaluates animal hospitals for their ability to adapt and go the extra mile to meet their feline patients’ needs. This includes reaching a number of standards in the design of our facility, the equipment we use, our handling techniques and more. We’re proud to have met these standards and to be able to offer the cats of Fayetteville a better veterinary experience.

Cat Friendly Practice in Fayetteville, AR
Cat Friendly Practice in Fayetteville, AR

How We Meet Your Cat's Needs

We offer each cat individualized care based on their personal needs and preferences. No matter your cat’s disposition, we have the training and techniques to deliver tailored veterinary care.

Some of the ways we make your cat’s experience more pleasant include:

  • Separate waiting area. When cats come to our hospital, they wait in a cat-only area away from the smells and sounds of dogs.
  • Separate exam rooms. While we clean the exam rooms frequently, we can never completely hide the smells of dogs and other animals from your cat’s sensitive nose. Separate exam rooms for only feline patients solve this problem by giving them a non-threatening space for their visit.
  • Pheromone sprays and diffusers. Synthetic pheromones such as Feliway mimic the pheromones your own cat emits when they rub up against someone or something. They do wonders to help your cat feel comfortable in their new environment.
  • Treat-rewarded behavior. Positive reinforcement is a powerful motivator, and we use treats to encourage cooperation as well as create a good memory for your cat to associate with veterinary visits.

Relieving Stress Before Your Visit with Happy Cat Packs

Stress doesn’t just affect your cat during the veterinary visit—it usually starts at home! As a Cat Friendly Practice, we can advise you on ways to make your cat’s journey to the hospital easier for them and you. We also offer Happy Cat packages you can pick up before your visit that contain pheromone wipes to wipe down their carrier, as well as anti-anxiety medication to reduce their stress for the journey. If your cat is overly stressed about vet visits, ask us about our Happy Cat packages before your next visit by calling (479) 251-8387!