Chester, our former clinic cat, now living his best life!

Surely some of you remember our clinic cat Chester who we acquired earlier this year, for those of you who don’t, here’s a brief recap of his story! Chester was brought in by some good Samaritans back in January, he was a known stray in their neighborhood who they would frequently leave food out for, until one day they came home to find him huddled on their porch and horribly beaten up! They brought him to us seeking help, but they themselves were unfortunately down on hard times and knew that they couldn’t care for him, and that’s how we ended up with Chester! He had a long road to recovery and his rough and tough street life was very evident; we had to surgically repair his wounds, neuter him, correct an entropion deformity of his eyelid and he had horrible dental disease that took multiple procedures to address. Unfortunately, Chester’s reign as a clinic cat didn’t last long, he took his role a little too seriously and made multiple attempts to “protect” our staff from angry patients. As much as we appreciate the chivalry, we were lucky he was never successful. This new habit of his posed some obvious issues, so we knew Chester would have to leave us to find a more fitting forever home. As sad as we were to say good-bye to our boy, we are overwhelmed with joy that one of our nurse’s moms adopted Chester! He’s been with his new mom, Dana, for over a month now and has already settled into the house-cat life! Yesterday, he came back to see us for his very last dental procedure! Dr. Shearhart and Chester’s new human sister, Chloe, worked for nearly 3 hours removing the rest of his teeth so now our dear sweet Chester is totally toothless! No need to worry though, once his mouth is healed up he will feel like a new man! We love you Chester! 😻❤️🐾

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