We offer professional grooming as well as a basic staff bath.  When you drop off your pet for a scheduled grooming appointment, you can give specific instructions to how you want your pet groomed.  When your pet is here for either a professional groom or just a bath he or she will also get their toenails trimmed, ears cleaned, and any other services that you request.  While your pet is here to be groomed, one of our doctors will do a courtesy exam to make sure your pet is in the best health possible.  At the time of your pets groom appointment we can update any overdue vaccines or testing.  Call to make an appointment today!

Our professional groomer, Sarah, does show grooming as well as just pet cuts.  She has 6 years of experience and regularly attends continuing education to keep up-to-date in the latest grooming trends.

She uses all natural bathing products and hand fluff drying.  Maintenance programs are available.  Grooming is available for all breeds of dogs and cats.  Prices for grooming vary, depending on regularity of grooming and size of pet, as well as the condition of the pets hair.  We also offer staff baths, which include toe nail trimming, ear cleansing, and a bath and brush.  For staff baths, we use the same groom room when the groomers aren’t using it, or we have a bathing area in our kennels.