In our boarding facility we have 3 different size runs, and several different size stainless steel cages. There is always members of the kennel staff on hand to make sure the pets have water, plenty of attention, and get to go outside at least three times a day. In each run/cage water is available at all times, as well as blankets and toys. We feed the animals that are boarding two times a day, unless requested otherwise by the owner. If applicable we make sure your pet has their medicine on time. We offer extra playtime with our kennel staff, and you are welcome to leave beds, toys, leashes and collars, as well as the pets normal food. Before the pets go home we can bathe, trim toe nails, or we can schedule a professional grooming appointment, so your pet will be cleaned up and ready to go home.

We have  3′ by 6′, 4′ by 6′, and 6′ by 6′ runs.  We also have ward kennels with extra larges, large, medium, and small cages.  Our treatment area of the clinic is used to monitor hospitalized patients, as well as for boarding. Cats that are boarding generally stay in this area because it is quieter, as well as separate from the dogs that are boarding.

Here are our boarding prices! Call to reserve your pet’s spot! A deposit may be required to hold a spot for your pet, especially during holidays.

Print the forms:


Boarding Check-In Form